National Championships 2018

This year’s national championships ended well for Rush AC.

Day 1:

Besides our seniors, we also had great performance from the youth guest runners , where Kurt Zahra broke the U16 national best with a super run of 11.29 shattering the previous record. Sarah Chouhal registered a personal best in the 400m with 59.37 and so did Kyle Caruana with 54.97. Josepha Micallef ran 5.52.88 in the 1500m.

Rachid Chouhal came 1st in the M40 100m with a time of 11.19 finising also 5th overall.

Sarah Busuttil 2nd in the 100m with a pb of 12.06.

Warren Zammit 3rd in the 100m open with a pb 12.13 having a better time in the semifinal of 11.06 unfortunately slightly above wind limit.

Krestien Micallef 1st U18 with a time of 53.10.

Rachel Galea 1st U18 in the 1500m in 5.52.84

Luca Martini 1st U20 hammer with a championships record of 50.27m

Gianluca Caruana 1st in javelin U18

Stephen Mograbhi 1st in high jump open

Antonella chouhal 1st open hammer with a season best and championships record of 44.47m

Day 2:

200m – Warren Zammit 3rd open, Sarah Busuttil 2nd open, Kurt Zahra guest competitor with a time 22.95s, Beppe Grillo guest competitor 24.41s, kimahri Charles guest competitor 26.59s.

Discus- Luke Farrugia 1st open (Championships record), Antonella chouhal 1st open, Guilhem Duc ( 2nd open), Karol Spiteri 1st U18, Mariah Zahra guest competitor ( 2nd in open category with a pb), kyle Caruana guest competitor (pb)

Long jump man – Rachid Chouhal 1st M40 with a season best

Shor put Luke Farrugia 2nd open, Guilhem Duc 3rd open, Luca Martini 1st U20, karol spiteri 1st U18, kyle Caruana guest competitor 1st. Kimahri Charles guest competitor 1st in youth.

800m Josepha Micallef guest competitor 3rd overall.

5000m Rachel Galea 1st U18 with a personal best

For results, click here.

17th June 2018