Rush AC T&F Meeting 2

” I would like to start this post thanking you all the officials, volunteers, helpers ecc for your great and hard work, patience, commitment and sacrifice you showed yesterday towards our club and our event. Without your cooperation such an event could not be possible. Although it was a long day, the athletes enjoyed the day while starting their season with good performances and results.

We are happy to say that also a National Record for Discus was broken by Bradley Mifsud and their where also several category Records done, Bianca Shoemake 300MH, Matthew Azzopardi U16 600m, Isaac Bonnici U18/U20/U23 600m and David Bezzina M40 600m. This opens the important year ahead with great hope and success especially in view of GSSE Malta 2023.

Results can be seen on the live link.

Thank you again all can stop saying it enough”

– Antonella

Yesterday’s meeting was a blast, we had real fun with our athletes, many of them winning podiums and making personal bests. Surely the cherries on the cake where the records done by our athletes, where Bianca Shoemake managed an incredible time on her first attempt of 47.92s in the 300 MH breaking the U16 Category record showing her versatility between throws and runs, while Isaac Bonnici smashed the U18/U20 record in the 600m with a time of 1:24.11. Well done both athletes , well done to all athletes , you are all winners πŸ™‚


Hammer Throw

Bianca Shoemake 1st U16

Sonique Gatt 1st U20 PB

Antonella Chouhal 1st Open

Kareem Chouhal 1st U20


Bianca Shoemake 1st U16 NR

Long Jump U10

Asia Psaila 1st

Giulia Borg 2nd

Lana Cilia Caligari 3rd

Long Jump U12

Leah Frendo 1st

Fatima Shkab 2nd

Ball Throw U10

Hazel Muscat 1st

Amy Newbould 2nd

Chloe Bajada 3rd

Liam Aquilina 1st

60m U16

Luca Gerada 1st

Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st

Thea Shoemake 2nd

Cheziane Debattista 3rd


Jake Caruana U8 1st

Dale Frendo U8 3rd

Sera Newbould U8 1st

Luke Spiteri U10 2nd

Nathan Bonnici U12 3rd

Asia Psaila U10 1st

Hazel Muscat U10 2nd

Giulia Borg U10 3rd

Leah Frendo U12 1st

Nina Parnis U12 3rd

Viola Pizzolato U14 2nd

Discus Throw

Chloe Grixti U18 2nd

Martina Scicluna U18 3rd

Sonique Gatt U20 1st

Kareem Chouhal U20 2nd

Kyle Caruana U23 1st

Isaac Luca Scicluna U16 1st

Long Jump

Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U16

Bianca Shoemake 2nd U16

Zaida Pace 1st U20

Viola Pizzolato 1st U14

Luca Gerada 2nd U16

Shot Put

Luca Gerada 1st U16

Jerome Nwoko 1st Special Olympics

Faith Grixti 3rd U16

Andre Gauci 1st U14


Luca Gerada 1st U16


Giulia Borg U10 1st

Amy Newbould U10 2nd

Kruiven Farrugia U10 1st

Andre Gauci U14 2nd

Isaac Bonnici U18 1st NR

Isaac Luca Scicluna U16 2nd

Rachel Marie Galea Open 1st

Faith Grixti U16 3rd


Luke Spiteri 2nd U10

Kruiven Farrugia 3rd U10

Jake Caruana 1st U8

Sera Newbould 1st U8

Asia Psaila 1st U10

Amy Newbould 2nd U10

Hazel Muscat 3rd U10


Nathan George Bonello 3rd U12

Leah Frendo 1st U12

Ana Borg Myatt 2nd U12

Nina Parnis 3rd U12


Kayla Slack 2nd U14

Thais Catania 3rd U14

Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U16

Thea Shoemake 3rd U16


7th January 2023

Rush Athletic Club Awards Night

Rush Athletic Club Awards Night!

Roll of honours for our club athletes. Each year members new and old gather together with friends and family to celebrate their accomplishments during the previous season πŸ₯°

The clubs awards night is all about celebrating everyones effort and recognizing our outstanding athletes for their sacrifices and efforts during the past season πŸ’ͺ

Every year its becoming more and more difficult to choose who our top athletes.

This years our top awards to two athletes that need no introduction in our sporting community. Our top female athlete of the year was our rising star Thea Parnis Coleiro while the top male athlete went to a more established athlete Warren Zammit❀️

Other category awards

U12 – Leah Frendo – Kurt Ciantar

U14- Cheziane Debattista – Owen Borg

U16 – Bianca Shoemake – Luca Gerada

U18 – Elisa Cutajar – Kareem Chouhal/Isaac Bonnici

U20- Zaida Pace – Kurt Zahra

U23- Rachel Marie Galea – Luca Martini

Thank you to Eurosport Malta and for the continuous support to our club πŸ™

Thanks also to Sportsmalta and Athletics Malta πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ή


Season 2022-2023 loading… stay tuned πŸ˜‰

Photo C Stephanie Slack

9th December 2022

Eurosport Safi 5k Race 2022

Eurosport Safi 5km – 5 th edition.

Another Edition another Success

Thanks to all participants who believed in us πŸ™ and participated in this year’s edition πŸ’ͺ.

Thanks to all sponsors Eurosport @goandfunmalta.

Thanks to Safi Local Council for hosting us and helping us especially the Mayor Johan Mula. Thanks Emergency Malta for providing first aid assistance with impeccable service, Warren Muscat of Agones who gave us the podium, Safi band club, Kevin and Greg Scerri for starting the event and anyone who helped us in any way.

Last but not least a big shout to our volunteers who without such events cannot be organized. A heartfelt thank you ❀️

Onto the next one …2023[0]=AT19JTlL2pgbLCK2TqoyJ_CtbjYVF5n6hhhSGqwdxKiFP4p4aKgjuvYfWUWwYDdRRorb_6pKU3YyHfWHB2sR4HfpokuQsoERRLjREy7UKFd_o8tqxa6-Wxb3HJNK8YshAgl3-x28vNQJK6LcrWEF2jt7vMofGeJJ4Nli_4Uth7w2u2RhZtPrL8wrAo7RwHHkM9yVSiUxc2yU

5th December 2022

Athletes of the year awards night

Athletes of the year awards night. Multiple honours given to our athletes πŸ‘πŸ‘

Well done to everyone.

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner ❀️



Sprints :Thea Parnis Coleiro- Luca Gerada

Throws :Bianca Shoemake – Luca Gerada

Jumps: Thea Parnis Coleiro- Luca Gerada


Throws:Sonique Gatt – Kareem Luca Chouhal

Middle Distance: Isaac Bonnici


Throws: Kyle Caruana


Middle Distance : Rachel Marie Galea

Throws: Luca Martini


Throws: Antonella Chouhal


W45: Antonella Chouhal

M45: Rachid Chouhal

Overall Masters

Rachid Chouhal

Antonella Chouhal

28th November 2022