Fisec games 2019

Great end to the Fisec games for our young champions and Maltese team

Silver Medals

Josepha Marie Micallef
Kimahri Charles
Luca Farrugia 
Swedish mix Kimahri Charles, Beppe Grillo, Sarah Chouhal and Luca Farrugia 

Bronze Medals 

Sarah Chouhal 
Luca Farrugia 
4×100 female, Kimahri Charles, Josepha Marie Micallef, Martha Spiteri and Sarah Chouhal

National Championships 2019

National championships ended well for Rush Athletic club, with numerous great performances and a satisfying tally of medals. Well done to all of you, your hard work is surely paying off.


Sarah Chouhal – Hammer U18 NR
Kyle Caruana- Hammer U18 PB
Kyle Caruana- Javelin U18 PB
Luca Martini- Hammer U20 CR
Sarah Chouhal- 400m U18
Daniel Borg Ferrando- 400m U18
Rachid Chouhal- 100m V40
Antonella Chouhal- Hammer open Luke Farrugia- Discus open CR
Karol Spiteri – Discus U20
Kyle Caruana- Discus U18
Mariah Zahra- Discus U18
Luke Farrugia- Shot open
Kyle Caruana- Shot U18
Luca Farrugia- 200m U18 PB
Benjamin Andrew Micallef- 800m open
Zack Borg Ginger- 800m U18
Rachid Chouhal – 200m V40
4×100 Relay- Daniel Borg Ferrando, Rachid Chouhal, kurt Zahra, Warren Zammit


Zack Borg Ginger- 400m U18 PB Rachid Chouhal- Long Jump open
Mariah Zahra- shot U18 PB
Kurt Zahra – 200m open
Daniel Borg Ferrando -200m U18 PB
Sarah Chouhal- 200m U18 SB
Rachel Marie Galea – 5K open
4×100 Zack Borg Ginger, Kyle Caruana, Luca Farrugia, Gaetano Francalanza


Luca Farrugia- 400m Open PB
Kurt Zahra- 100m open PB
Rachel Galea- 1500m open PB
Krestien Micallef- 400m U20
Sarah Busuttil- 100m Open Sarah Chouhal- shot U18 PB
Warren Zammit- 200m open PB