Challenge 1 Meeting

Fabulous results yesterday for our athletes in the 1st opening meeting of the season. The best performances of the day came from youngsters Isaac Bonnici winning the 800m with a great PB and Kyran Farrugia leaping for the 1st time over 6 mtrs in the long jump and also a superb PB in the 100mtrs coming in 2nd overall. In the discus we had an O45 national record by our coach/athlete Antonella Chouhal. Well done to all ❤️


What a successful few days from our head coaches Rachid and Antonella! The biggest news is Rachid claiming the title of European Champion in the long jump, in an exhilarating competition. Antonella also registered amazing performances, claiming silver with an Outdoor PB and NR in the weight throw and bronze in the hammer throw. Well done and thank you for being such an inspiration to our athletes.

23rd February 2022

Winter Championships 2022

Great results for our athletes during last weekend’s Winter Championships with the top results coming from Isaac Bonnici with a category National Best and Luke Farrugia who qualified for next month’s Throwing Cup.

Best Results

Hammer Throw

Antonella Chouhal 1st

Sonique Gatt 1st U18

Bianca Shoemake 1st U16

Kareem Chouhal 1st U18

Luca Martini 1st open


Sonique Gatt 3rd U18 PB

Zaida Pace 3rd U20

Kyran Farrugia 2nd U18

Luca Gerada 1st U16

Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U16

Bianca Shoemake 2nd U16

Enrica Ciantar PB

Jade Mallia PB

Ricardo Coleiro PB

Long jump

Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U16

Bianca Shoemake 2nd U16

Zaida Pace 1st U20 PB

Kyran Farrugia 3rd U18 PB


Luca Gerada 1st U16


Antonella Chouhal 1st

Chloe Grixti 1st U16 PB

Luke Farrugia 2nd Open (Qualified for Throwing cup)

Kyle Caruana 1st U20 PB

Miguel Sciberras 2nd U20 PB

Luca Gerada 1st U16


Rachel Marie Galea 2nd open

Isaac Bonnici 2nd open NR U18

Roderick Buhagiar 3rd Senior


Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U16

Thea Shoemake 3rd U16

Zaida Pace 3rd U20 PB

Kyran Farrugia 3rd U20 PB

Isaac Rizzo 1st U20 PB

Enrica Ciantar PB

Shylaine Said PB

Veronica Chan PB

Shot put

Antonella Chouhal 1st open

Chloe Grixti 2nd U16 PB

Luke Farrugia 2nd open

Kyle Caruana 1st U20 PB

Karol Spiteri 1st U23 PB

Sonique Gatt 1st U18

Well done to all #rushathleticclub#oneteamonedreamEurosport

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21st February 2022

Ben Micallef shatters 800m national record

A National Indoor Record and a great result from Benjamin Micallef in the UW Husky Classic Meeting in Washington clobking 1:49.07. Well done keep them coming 👏

Benjamin Micallef shatters his own 800 metres indoor record in USA meet - SportsDesk[0]=AT3lbfBZ3ujFRNBKvzZ9zH38U9YKIorQCQh_KDcDoUnGnIVn_DNJ055JVtErIgvk2Z8euFmqZL0xNbAbozCZs0nQaa6Z9-5a6Hq1LxJ1P1h_pYO7tlwJ2awCBAGV_vR2EJovkC5aNqNqH-NXQCiOngAXdzIXrTcRNIxxiiVLvPd3jFMcWwskwALO7_U2V9QhDzlSNEcL

13th February 2022

Our first T&F meeting

Would like to thank everyone who participated in our 1st track and field meeting. Thank you all volunteers, helpers, athletes and clubs who contributed for the event to be a success. We are sorry about the hiccups of the electronic timing but that was beyond our control.[0]=AT2o3NTH-6up7mQtntJ2A2uD5-cq_976-7LMZoKwhyBOpfj4r1RmpIiWQcQ2C-9PA6JGcrdMchKCCC5hTBh6x6OAbG_xCa7hw3Whehwbx08XMczyAoym9lLg9MJ3lPI8DmI-_IAfKpHtF95VczQA-crdTzlQ8OSbm-QWgu6zrQ-hfaXF5KO6g5S1dY333HgU6kx4eOFR

10th January 2022