Winter championships 2018

Rush Athletic has proven its strength already this year in these Winter championships, snatching medals in nearly all events and in some events having a clean sweep of medals. Although all athletes did exceptionally well, our two highlights of these championships had to be Luke Farrugia, who took the gold in the men’s discus category in style by breaking his own national record with a mark of 49.55m and Luca Martini who once again broke the junior national record in hammer throw with a mark of 51.99m. Below are all the placings of our team, photos and results. Well done guys! 

Nicole Attard Glivau – 1st in 300m (U20)

Greta Barbara – 1st in shot put (U18)

Gianluca caruana 1st in javelin (u18)

Kyle Caruana – 1st in shot put (U16)

Kyle Caruana – 1st in discus (U16) PB

Antonella Chouhal – 1st in discus (open) SB

Antonella Chouhal – 1st in hammer (open)

Kareem Luca Chouhal – 1st in discus (U14) PB

Kareem Luca Chouhal – 1st in hammer (U14) SB

Sarah Chouhal – 1st in 300m (U16)

Sarah Chouhal – 1st in hammer SB (U16)

Luke Farrugia – 1st in discus (open) National Record

Luca Martini – 1st in shot put (u20) PB

Luca Martini – 1st in hammer (U20) National Record

Josepha Micallef – 1st in 600m SB (U16)

Krestien Micallef – 1st in 600m (U18)

Mariah Zahra – 1st in Discus (U16)

Kurt Zahra – 1st in 60m (U16) SB

Kurt Zahra – 1st in 300m (U16) SB

Warren Zammit – 1st in 300m (open) PB                                                                                                                                                            

Sarah Busuttil – 2nd in 60m (open)                                                                                                                                                                   

Sarah Busuttil – 2nd in 300m (open)

Kyle Caruana – 2nd in 300m (U16) PB

Kimahri Charles – 2nd in shot put PB (U16)

Kimahri Charles – 2nd in discus SB (U16)

Kayleigh Chetcuti – 2nd in Long Jump PB (U16)

Matthew Rota – 2nd in 600m (open)

Josepha Micallef – 2nd in 300m PB (U16)                                                                                                                                                    

Krestien Micallef – 2nd in 300m (U18)                                                                                                                                                                                  

Sean Bonello – 3rd in 300m (U20) PB

Gianluca caruana- 3rd in 60m (U18)

Kayleigh Chetcuti – 3rd in 60m PB (U16)

Beppe Grillo – 3rd in 60m (U16) PB

Beppe Grillo – 3rd in 60m (U16) PB

Matthew Rota- 3rd in 300m (open) PB

Mariah Zahra – 3rd in shot put (U16)

For Winter championships results, click here


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25th February 2018