Winter Championships 2019

Great show from our team in the Winter Championships held last weekend, although the programme was limited so not all our athletes could do their best event the results where more than excellent. An enviable double for youngster Kurt Zahra in the 100m and 200m open was the pinnacle of the excellent results coming home from our team.

Josepha Marie Micallef 1st 600m U16 
Gaetano Francalanza 1st 600m U16 (pb)
Kimahri Charles 1st 60m U16
Kimahri Charles 1st Long Jump U16
Kyle Caruana 1st in 300m U18 (pb)

Kurt Zahra 1st 100m open
Kurt Zahra 1st 200m open (pb)
Sarah Chouhal 1st 400m U18
Luca Farrugia 1st 400m U18 (pb)

Kayleigh Chetcuti 2nd 60m U16
Kayleigh Chetcuti 3rd in Long Jump U16
Rachel Marie Galea 2nd 600m U20 (pb)
Krestien Micallef 2nd 400m (u20)
Beppe Grillo 2nd 60m U18

Sana Grillo 3rd 60m U20
Kayleigh Chetcuti 3rd Long Jump U16

Elisa Cutajar 4th 600m U14 (pb)
Kareem Chouhal 60m U16 (pb)
Gaetano Fracalanza 60m U16 (pb)
Kelsey Chetcuti 60m U14 (equal pb)
Elisa Cutajar 60m U14 (pb)

Well done also to all U12s who did well in the 60m Aisha Fnena, Nagey Fnena, Shylaine Said and Jake Schriha