National Championships 2020

National Championships Day 2 – Our rising stars proved all their worth with all the effort and performances they produced.

Sarah Chouhal – 1st NR record and CR Record U18 in the hammer throw 52.26m, 2nd 400m with a SB of 59.53s

Josepha Marie Micallef – 1st U18 in the 400m SB 60.96s

Rachel Marie Galea – 1st U23 in the 400m PB 66.52s

Kurt Zahra- 1st U18 in the 100m 11.08s SB

Daniel Borg Ferrando- 3rd U18 in the 100m 11.62s PB

Rachid Chouhahl -1st in the 100m M45

Nicole Attard Glivau – 1st U23 in the 100m PB

Luca Martini- 1st in the Hammer Throw 54.86m CR

Kyle Caruana-1st in the Hammer Throw U18, 1st in Javelin U18

Karol Spiteri – 1st in the Hammer Throw U20, 1st in Javelin U20

Antonella Chouhal – 1st in the Hammer Throw open

Luca Farrugia – 1st in the 400m 49.26s PB just 0.1 from NR

Krestien Micallef -1st in the 400m U20 51.34s PB

Isaac Rizzo 12.30s in the 100m PB

Warren Zammit 11.08s in the 100m 4th overall

4×400 Boys 1st in U20

And now for day 3…

Sarah Chouhal – 1st in the 400MH U20 66.27s CR

Josepha Marie Micallef – 1st in the 800M SB

Luca Farrugia – 2nd in the 800M 1.57.73s PB

Zack Borg Ginger – 1st in the 800M U20 PB

Nicole Attard Glivau – 1st U23 in the 200M

Warren Zammit – 2nd in the 200M 22.30s PB

Krestien Micallef – 1st U20 in the 200M 23.07 PB

Rachid Chouhal – 1st M45 Long Jump 1st M45 200M NR

Kurt Zahra – 2nd in the 200M U18 SB

Daniel Borg Ferrando – 4th in the 200M

Kyle Caruana- 1st shot put 1st discus u18

Karol Spiteri – 1st shot put 1st discus u20

Isaac Rizzo =PB 200M

Matthew Micallef 200M PB

4×100 Men 1st in a Championship Record, team composed by Luca Farrugia, Kurt Zahra, Rachid Chouhal, Warren Zammit

4×100 Women Sarah Chouhal, Nicole Attard Glivau, Kayleigh Chetcuti, Josepha Marie Micallef