Winter championships 2021

Winter Championships came to an end our stars ⭐️ conquered and brought home great results and performances.
We had personal bests all over the track and the field with the top notch two performances and three National records coming from Sarah Chouhal in the 300MH breaking both the U20 and Open record , our youngster Isaac Bonnici breaking the U16 all time national best in the 600m and our coach and veteran athlete in the 300m V40.
Here are all the results from our team
Long jump U16 Kyran Farrugia- 3rd PB
300MH Sarah Chouhal – 1st NR Open and U20
60M Elisa Cutajar – 3rd U16 PB Kurt Zahra – 2nd open 1st U20 PB Rachid Chouhal – 1st V45 Daniel Borg Ferrando – 2nd U20
300M Sarah Chouhal – 2nd U20 SB Zaida Pace – 3rd U18 PB Krestien Micallef – 3rd open 2nd U23 PB Rachid Chouhal -1st V40 NR
600M Isaac Bonnici – 1st U16 PB- NR Gabriel Bonnici – 1st U18 PB Rachel Marie Galea – 2nd open 1st U23 PB
Hammer Throw Luca Martini – 1st Open karol Spiteri – 2nd Open Kareem Chouhal -1st U18 Antonella Chouhal – 1st V40
Discus Mariah Zahra – 1st Open PB Antonella Chouhal -1st V40 2nd Open Sonique Gatt- 3rd open 1st u18 PB Jade Caruana De Brincat – 2nd U18 PB Luke Farrugia-1st open Karol Spiteri – 2nd open PB Kyle Caruana – 1st U20 PB Michele Dimech – 1st U18 PB Miguel Sciberras -2nd U18 Kareem Chouhal -3rd U 18 PB Jon Caruana De Brincat – 1st U16 PB
Shot Put Luke Farrugia -1st Open SB Kyle Caruana -1st U20 PB Miguel Sciberras – 1st U18 Michele Dimech – 2nd U18 Nilayza Attard- 3rd U16 Sonique Gatt – 2nd U18 Jade Caruana de Brincat – 3rd U18
Zaida Pace – 60m PB Jade Mallia – 60m PB Matthew Micallef – 60m PB Kareem Chouhal – 60m PB Shaun Azzopardi- 60m PB Jon Caruana DE Brincat – 60m PB