National Championships

National Championships was a blast for our team, although the difficult circumstances and challenges to train and compete, our stars ⭐️ rose to the occasion and produced splendid results.
Well done to all ❤️ more to come
#rushathletucclub #oneteamonedream
Results National Championships
Eurosport Malta

Hammer Throw
Antonella Chouhal – 1st open- record W45

Sonique Gatt – 1st U18- PB

Kareem Chouhal-1st U18-PB

Luca Martini -1st Open

Karol Spiteri -2nd Open

Sarah Chouhal – 2nd U20

Kurt Zahra – 2nd Open 1st U20

Isaac Rizzo – 2nd U18

Warren Zammit- 3rd Open SB

Discus Throw
Luke Farrugia- 1st Open -CR

Karol Spiteri – 2nd Open

Kyle Caruana -1st U20-PB

Kareem Chouhal-2nd U18-PB

Mariah Zahra-1st Open

Antonella Chouhal- 2nd Open- w45NR

Sonique Gatt- 3rd Open

Jade Caruana De Brincat-1st U18

Javelin throw
Luke Farrugia -1st Open

Kyle Caruana -1st U20 -PB

Kurt Zahra- 3rd open- SB

Luca Farrugia – 1st U20- PB

Krestien Micallef – 1st U23 -PB

Daniel Borg Ferrando – 2nd U20

Sarah Chouhal -2nd U20

Warren Zammit SB

Luca Farrugia- 2nd open-PB

Krestien Micallef -1st U23 SB

Matthew Micallef -4th Open PB

Rachid Rach Chouhal – 1st M45 -NR45

Rachel Marie Galea- 1st U23- PB

Zaida Pace-1st U18

Shot Put
Sonique Gatt -2nd U18

Jade Caruana De Brincat -3rd U18

Luke Farrugia-1st Open

Luca Martini- 2nd Open

Karol Spiteri- 3rd Open

Gabriel Bonnici-2nd U18- PB

Rachel Marie Galea-1stU23 -PB

Rachel Marie Galea 1st U23- PB