National Championships Junior, impressive results from our Athletes

An eventful afternoon at Marsa, where our young athletes all gave their utmost to compete to their best and conquer. Surely the happy faces and enthusiasm around us was one of a kind. Best results on the 2 days and highlight of these championships where Leah Frendo in the 300m mtrs U12 clocking a fantastic 47.69s and the relay U16 Girls in 50.69s who also made a championship record during the process. Well done to all as we always say winning is a supplement to having fun and participating. Onto the next Challenge

Medals of the weekend

Discus U14

1st Faith Grixti

Discus U16

3rd Chloe Grixti

1st Luca Gerada

100m U16

1st Zach Mansaray

1st Thea Parnis Coleiro

2nd Bianca Shoemake

3rd Thea Shoemake

60m U12

1st Leah Frendo

3rd Kayla Slack

Javelin U16

1st Luca Gerada

2nd Chloe Grixti

Long Jump U16

1st Thea Parnis Coleiro

2nd Bianca Shoemake

3rd Enrica Ciantar

Shot Put Girls

1st Faith Grixti 4×100 U142nd Faith Grixti, Madeleine Bonello, Thais Catania and Cheziane Debattista

2nd DAY

150 mtrs U14

Cheziane Debattista 3rd

200m U16

Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st

Enrica Ciantar 2nd

Shylaine Said 3rd

Shot put U16

Luca Gerada 1st

Javelin U14

Faith Grixti 2nd

Hammer U16

Bianca Shoemake 1st

Luca Gerada 1st

Faith Grixti 2nd

300m U12

Leah Frendo 1st PB

4×100 Relay GirlsThea Shoemake, Bianca Shoemake, Enrica Ciantar, Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st in a CR