Winter Championships

Winter Championships where a Blast for our athletes, with loads of records, personal bests and season best we finished the first part of the season getting ready for the open summer season with the peak of competitions still coming up.

There’s a lot to mention about this fantastic day but surely on the limelight results of Thea Parnis Coleiro equalling a long standing record of the U16, U18 in the 60m with a time of 7.82s this time being also the 2nd fastest time overall during the championships and also winning the 300m U16.

An other incredible feet came from Bianca Shoemake lowering again the 60MH U16 outdoor record, and shattering the 300MH hurdle record categories U16, U18, U20, U23 and Open. In between she also won the hammer throw U16.

Another impressive result came from Isaac Bonnici in the 600m breaking again for the 3rd time this season the U18, U20 and U23 record.

In the field events we had excellent results, in the Discus there was an impressive return of Luke Farrugia and a great season Best from Luca Martini, while in the younger categories a sweep from Luca Gerada in the Javelin, Discus and Shot Put. Also to mention the inclusion of Special Olympics athlete Jerome Nwoko with a great PB in the shot Put.

In the masters category our coaches Rachid and Antonella Chouhal confirmed their good shape in preparation for the World Masters Championships being on next month.

Well done to all champions, you are all winners , keep pushing and working hard 👏👏👏

Thank you to all the officials that without such a meeting could happen

Photo (c) Victor Camilleri

Top results

Long Jump

Shylaine Said 3rd U16

Zaida Pace 3rd Open 1st U20

Rachid Chouhal 3rd Open 1st M45


Bianca Shoemake 1st U16 NR


Luca Gerada 1st U16

Discus Throw

Luke Farrugia 2nd Open SB

Antonella Chouhal 1st Open SB

Luca Gerada 1st U16

Miguel Sciberras 2nd U20

Sonique Gatt 1st U20

Chloe Grixti 2nd U18 PB

Isaac Luca Scicluna 3rd U16 PB

Faith Grixti 2nd U16 PB


Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U16 =NRU16 U18

Thea Shoemake 3rd U16

Nathan Myers 2nd U20 PB

Rachid Chouhal 1st M45 SB

Zaida Pace 2nd U20

Matthew Micallef PB

Warren Zammit PB

Cheziane Debattista PB

Shylaine Said PB

Maya Agius PB

Kristina Camilleri PB

Darya Attard Montalto PB

Ricardo Coleiro PB

Owen Borg PB

300 MH

Bianca Shoemake 1st PB U16, U18, U20, U23, Senior NR


Isaac Luca Scicluna 3rd U16 PB


Roderick Paul Buhagiar 2d Senior PB

Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U16

Maya Agius 2nd U16 PB

Cheziane Debattista 3rd U16 PB

Yuliya Barbara PB

Shylaine Said PB

Adam Shkab PB

Shot Put

Antonella Chouhal2nd Open 1st W45 SB

Jerome Nwoko Special Olympics PB

Sonique Gatt 3rd Open 1st U20

Francesca Zahra 3rd U16 PB

Luca Gerada 1st U16

Hammer Throw

Luca Martini 1st Open SB

Antonella Chouhal 1st Open

Kareem Luca Chouhal 1st U20

Sonique Gatt 1st U20

Bianca Shoemake 1st U16



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