Young athletes Meeting 3 and Challenge1 U16

Another great day at the track for the AM Young Athletes Meet3 and Challenge1 U16. Our athletes did great results for the first competition of the outdoor season 😊😊

The highlight was sure the U16 100 dash female where 6 of the top 10 athletes are our champions, topping the event Thea Parnis Coleiro with a time of 12.70s, in the younger categories other impressive performances came from U12 Leah Frendo where she topped the 60m event as well as the 1k event and Nathan Bonnici topping the 60m U12 with a PB and Nathan George Bonello topping the 300m U12. In the U14 category Viola Pizzolato had another great day doing two personal bests in the 100m and 300m coming 2nd in both races. 👏👏

On to the next one #rushatheticclub#oneteamonedream💪💪

Top results from yesterday

Hammer Throw

Bianca Shoemake 1st

Discus Throw

Francesca Zahra 1st U16 PB

Isaac Luca Scicluna 2nd U16

Andre Gauci 1st U14


Leah Frendo 1st U12

Nathan Bonnici 1st U12 PB

Long Jump

Ana Borg Myatt 3rd U12

Nathan Bonnici 3rd U12


Thea Parnis Coleiro SB

Thea Shoemake 3rd U16

Maya Agius PB

Cheziane Debattista PB

Shylaine Said PB

Yuliya Barbara PB

Kristina Camilleri PB

Darya Attard Montalto PB

MAria Attard Montalto PB

Aisha Mansaray PB

Viola Pizzolato 2nd U14 PB

Thais Catania PB

Kayla Slack PB

Carey Spiteri PB

Kay Lee Anne Ellul PB

Waylin Debattista PB

Ricardo Coleiro PB

Owen Borg PB

Adam Shkab PB


Leah Frendo 1st U12 PB

Kayla Slack 3rd U14 PB

Andre Gauci 2nd U14

Kurt Ciantar PB


Viola Pizzolato 2nd U14 PB

Nathan George Bonello 1st U12

Carey Spiteri PB

Kurt Ciantar PB

Martina Scicluna PB


Isaac Luca Scicluna 2nd PB


Andre Gauci 1st PB

Waylin Debattista 2nd PB

Francesca Zahra 1st PB


Bianca Shoemake 2nd U16 PB

Luca Gerada 3rd U16

Yuliya Barbara PB

Owen Borg PB