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Club Coaching Setup

Rush AC athletes and coaches train at Matthew Micallef St John Stadium Marsa, the club caters ages from 6 years to Masters.

Groups are divided according to age categories. Cubs ages 6-10 years, followed by youths and cadets ages 11-15 years and 16 years up.

We do event specialisation that include sprinting, jumping, hurdling and throws.  Our coaches are highly qualified and have a good number of years of experience in track and field them as being athletes and also as coaches.

We are the only club on the island that give individual attention when needed but also the only club that our head coaches are available 6 times a week from Monday to Saturday.  For us all athletes matter from the beginner to the Elite our club prides itself of our head coaches coaching and monitoring ALL athletes at all ages not only the Elite.

Besides, the club monitors the progress of every athlete in each age group.  We inform our club members constantly of what is going on in the local Athletics scenario by email and also about upcoming competition and preparation.  We do individual training sessions and also online coaching when the need arises.