Antonella Chouhal becomes the first WA referee for Malta



to a unique woman within our club Antonella Chouhal. Antonella is a wife, a mum, a secretary within our club, an athlete, a National Team Coach and a Council Member within Athletics Malta and a recognised WA National Technical Officer. And as from today, HISTORY within the Athletics Association in Malta, Antonella is the first recognised WA Silver Referee who obtained the Silver Level Diploma.

“Education is not about knowing things or taking lessons but about being able to use three lingos; those of the head, the heart and the hands,” said Pope Francis.
Who knows Antonella, can relate this quote to her personality. She is an exemplary person in various aspects who proved herself in many areas. She is determined in whatever she does and full of perseverance even though sometimes she is faced with loads of challenges. She never looks back but always trying to continue to grow holistically in a stronger way and always aiming for the best. She always does her work in a passionate and a professional way and today this proves her ALL.
Rush Athletic Club is so proud of you and may you be an example to many. Keep up your good work.