Athletes of the Year 2023

Athletics Malta has named the athletes of the year 2023 for each age group and category. Our Club Rush Athletic Club is proud to have many young athletes amongst these awardees and also privileged to have both their coaches not only winning their categories but also earning top spots in the Masters category being named Master Athletes of the year.
These are the winners our club boasts and is so proud of their hard working and well deserved achievement.
U14 Throws Andre Gauci
U16 Throws Luca Gerada
U16 Sprints Luca Gerada
U16 Hurdles & SC Bianca Shoemake
U16 Throws Bianca Shoemake
U16 Sprints Thea Parnis Coleiro
U16 Jumps Thea Parnis Coleiro
U18 Throws Jerome Nwoko
U18 Middle Distance Isaac Bonnici
U20 Throws Kareem Luca Chouhal
U20 Throws Sonique Gatt
U23 Throws Kyle Caruana
M45 Rachid Chouhal
W45 Antonella Chouhal
Male Master Athlete Rachid Chouhal
Women Master Athlete Antonella Chouhal
Well done to all. Now we will show you who are the above and why they won ❤️