Multi Event 1 Meeting produced encouraging results for our champions.

First Athletics Malta competition for 2024. Our young athletes took part in the introductory concept of Multi Event 1, with many achieving good performances and personal best. Undoubtedly the top performance from our athletes was of Isaac Luca Scicluna smashing his PB and club record 👏👏

Well done champions onto the next London Senior Indoor Games and Multi Event 2 all happening this weekend 💪


Top performances of the weekend:


50 MH U12

Asia Psaila 🥇Martina Mintoff 🥉 Luke Spiteri 🥇 Nathan Bonnici 🥉

70 MH U14

Leah Frendo 🥈

80MH U16

Kayleigh Anne Ellul 🥈

600 m Asia Psaila 🥈PB Luke Spiteri 🥇 Kruiven Farrugia 🥈 Giulia Borg PB     Elisa Ellul PB     Jake Caruana PB


Leah Frendo 🥈PB Giacomo Portelli 🥉 Martina Scicluna PB


Isaac Luca Scicluna 🥇

PB High

Jump Andre Gauci 🥉 Giacomo Portelli 🥉

U14 Overhead Throw

Luke Spiteri 🥇 Nathan Bonnici 🥈

Shot Put

Waylin Debattista 🥉 Faith Grixti 🥇 U16 Andre Gauci 🥈

U16 Long Jump

Asia Psaila 🥇PB Nathan Bonnici 🥇SB  Fatima Shkab PB   Martina Mintoff   PB Elisa Mintoff PB   Giulia Borg PB   Amy Newbould PB   Jake Caruana PB


Overall Standings provisional after day 1


Luke Spiteri 1️⃣     Nathan Bonnici 3️⃣

Asia Psaila 2️⃣


Leah Frendo 2️⃣    Giacomo Portelli 2️⃣

U16 Andre Gauci 2️⃣


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