Multi Event 2 Meeting – Thais Catania with a superb jump

Multi Event 2 was a learning curve for our young athletes with all difficulties they conquered fully and rose to the occasion ♥️

A special mention to one of the fantastic performances of the day coming from Thais Catania and Leah Frendo in the long jump👏👏 and the trio in the 60m U12 girls Asia Psaila, Fatima Schkab and Elisa Ellul. On the boys side the trio of boys in the Vortex, Luke Spiteri, Jake Caruana and Nathan Bonnici and Giacomo Portelli again in the Long Jump 👏👏

Best results for the weekend:

Long jump U16

Thais Catania 🥇PB

Cheziane Debattista 🥈

4 Bounds

Asia Psaila 🥇

Fatima Shkab 🥉

Nathan Bonnici 🥈

Long Jump U14

Leah Frendo 🥇PB

Ana Borg Myatt PB

Nina Parnis PB

Martina Scicluna

PB Giacomo Portelli 🥇PB


Faith Grixti 🥈

Andre Gauci 🥇 PB

400m Obstacle

Asia Psaila🥈

U12 Nathan Bonnici 🥉

U12 Leah Frendo 🥇

U14 Kurt Ciantar 🥈

U14 Vortex

Elisa Ellul 🥉

Luke Spiteri 🥇

Jake Caruana 🥈

Nathan Bonnici 🥉

60m U12

Asia Psaila 🥇

Fatima Shkab 🥈

Elisa Ellul🥉

Nathan Bonnici 🥉

60m U14

Kayla Slack 🥇

Leah Frendo 🥉

100m U16

Cheziane Debattista 🥈

Carey Spiteri 🥉


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