Stellar performances at the Winter Championships

Stellar performances today from our athletes in the Winter Championships, surely hats of to Isaac Bonnici breaking again after last week the U20, U23 and Senior Record in the 600m making him the first ever Maltese running under sub 1:21.00 with a time of 1:20.40 👏👏👏. From the women side a spectacular Thea Parnis Coleiro placing 3rd overall and 1st U18 in the 60m just 0.01s shy from the national record, she also won the long jump open with a SB and came 2nd overall in the 300m and 1st U18. Another notable result was surely Bianca Shoemake confirming with another big throw her dominance in the hammer throw 👏👏👏
Top Results of the the day
Richard Mayango 2nd overall (out of competition)
Triple Jump
Armani James 1st 🥇
Hammer Throw
Bianca Shoemake 1st U18🥇
Antonella Chouhal 2nd overall 1st W45 SB🥇
Sonique Gatt 3rd overall 1st U23 🥇
Kareem Chouhal 1st U20 🥇
Thea Parnis 3rd overall 1st U18🥉🥇
Thea Shoemake 2nd U18🥈
Enrica Ciantar 3rd U18🥉
Zaida Pace 1st U23 🥇
Zach Mansaray 2nd U18 PB🥈
Matthew Micallef PB
Mariah Zahra 1st Open 🥇
Antonella Chouhal 2nd 🥈
Chloe Grixti 3rd overall 1st U18🥇🥉
Sonique Gatt 1st U20🥇
Luke Farrugia 2nd open
Kyle Caruana 1st U23
Long Jump Females
Thea Parnis 1st Overall 🥇
Zaida Pace 2nd Overall🥈
Enrica Ciantar 3rd U18 🥉
Shot Put
Chloe Grixti 2nd U18 🥈
Armani James 1st Open 🥇
Thea Parnis Coleiro 2nd overall 1st U18 🥈🥇
Matthew Fenech 2nd U18 🥈
Roderick Buhagiar PB
Richard Mayango 1st (out of competition)
Isaac Bonnici 1st overall NR U20 U23 Senior 🥇
Rachel Galea 2nd overall 🥈
Elisa Cutajar 3rd overall PB🥉