Bianca Shoemake U18 hammer record and qualification to U18 European Championships

Fantastic results during the 01.05.2024 meeting. Surely the highlights of the day were the national record of Bianca Shoemake in the hammer throw U18 and Thea Parnis Coleiro in the 200m where both athletes qualified for the U18 championships to be held next July in Banska Bystrica.
In the younger categories a great solo run from Isaac Luca Scicluna who came just 0.06sec shy of breaking the U16 NR in the 3000m, he did break the club record. In the 300m Leah Frendo 1st and Kayla Slack 2nd did a great personal best and headed to the finish line in style. In the ball throw a fantastic throw of Jake Caruana took him to the lead of the event and Thais Catania breaking the club record once again in the Javelin throw
More action this weekend for the older categories
Best Results
Hammer Throw
Bianca Shoemake 1st U18 NR Q U18 Champioships
Isaac Luca Scicluna 1st PB
Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U18 Q U18 Champioships
Jodie Scicluna Montfort 2nd U16
Luca Gerada 1st U18
Owen Borg PB
Isaac Difesa PB
Giacomo Portelli 1st U14 PB
Martina Scicluna PB
Ball Throw
Elisa Ellul 3rd PB U12
Asia Psaila PB
Martina Mintoff PB
Giulia Borg PB
Amy Newbould PB
Jake Caruana 1st PB U12
Nathan Bonnici 3rd PB U12
Mason Fava PB
Cheziane Debattista 2nd U16
Thea Shoemake 1st U18
Martina Scicluna PB
Waylin Debattista PB
Thais Catania 1st PB U16
Andre Gauci 1st PB U16
Andre Gauci 1st U16
Faith Grixtii 1st U16
Kurt Ciantar 3rd U14
Asia Psaila 1st PB U12
Fatima Shkab PB
Giulia Borg PB
Amy Newbould PB
Nathan Bonnici 2nd PB U12
Jake Caruana 3rd PB U12
Leah Frendo 1st PB U14
Kayla Slack 2nd PB U14
Ana Borg Myatt PB
Giacomo Portelli 3rd
Nathan George Bonello PB
Waylin Debattista PB
400m Obstacle
Martina Mintoff 1st PB
Elisa Mintoff 3rd PB
Luke Spiteri 2nd PB
Mason Fava PB
Long Jump
Elisa Ellul 3rd U12
Giulia Borg PB
Nathan Bonnici 1st U12
Mason Fava PB
Cheziane Debattista 1st PB
Owen Borg 2nd
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