Challenge 2 meeting with a blast

Challenge Meeting 2 and U14 was a blast for our squad, with 3 national records in various categories broken and personal bests. Young athlete Leah Frendo lowered again the bar in the 400m Obstacle race clocking 1:04.90. In the hammer throw apart from the squad all achieving great PBs , we also had 2 category records, with Bianca Shoemake tossing the hammer and breaking the U18 NR with a distance of 56.70m , while veteran athlete and coach broke the W45 record with a distance of 46.05m , putting her 3rd in the World in her category 👏👏👏More action to come next week in Challenge Meeting 3 ❤️
Yesterday’s Results
400m Obstacle
Leah Frendo 1st U14 NR
Martina Scicluna PB
Giacomo Portelli 2nd U14
Kurt Ciantar 3rd U14
Chloe Grixti 1st U18
Kyle Caruana 1st U23
Luke Farrugia 1st Open
Hammer Throw
Bianca Shoemake 1st U18 NR
Antonella Chouhal 1st W45 NR
Kareem Chouhal 1st U20 PB
Sonique Gatt 1st U20 PB
Long Jump
Leah Frendo 2nd U14
Giacomo Portelli 1st U14
Zaida Pace 2nd Open 1st U23
Thea Parnis Coleiro 2nd Open 1st U18
Thea Shoemake 3rd U18 PB
Luca Gerada 1st U18
Zach Mansaray 2nd U18
Nathan George Bonello PB
Chris Portelli 1st U20
Shot Put
Jerome Nwoko 1st U20 PB
Kurt Ciantar PB
Waylin Debattista PB
Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st overall 1st U18
Thea Shoemake 2nd overall 2nd U18
Zaida Pace 3rd Overall 1st U23
Nathan Myers 3rd Overall 1st U20