Our Athletes shine during National Championships

The recent athletic championship was a remarkable event, showcasing extraordinary talent and determination from our athletes.
Highlights included two athletes who shattered national records, setting new benchmarks in their respective disciplines. Isaac Luca Scicluna lowered down the 3k national best U16 by nearly 10seconds while exceptional runs by Thea Parnis Coleiro in the 100m make her lower down the U18 and U20 NR getting closer to that sub 12s, she also was very close in breaking the 200m National U18 record againΒ πŸ‘πŸ‘
Other athletes achieved great performances and personal bests showcasing the hard work done during the whole seasonΒ πŸ‘πŸ‘
Best Results of the championships
Hammer Throw
Bianca Shoemake 1st U18
Sonique Gatt 3rd overall 1st U20
Antonella Chouhal 2nd overall 1st W45
Kareem Chouhal 1st U20
Zaida Pace 1st CR U23 PB
Luca Gerada 1st U18 PB
Thea Parnis Coleiro 1st U18 3rd overall NR U18 U20
Kurt Zahra 3rd overall 1st U23 SB
Luca Gerada 4th overall 1st U 18 PB
Christopher Portelli 1st U20 PB
Zach Mansaray PB
Chloe Grixti 1st overall
Long Jump
Thea Parnis Coleiro 2nd overall 1st U18
Zaida Pace 3rd overall
Zaida Pace 1st U23 PB
Matthew Fenech 1st U18 PB
Thea Parnis Coleiro 2nd overall
Zaida Pace 1st U23 PB
Triple Jump
James Armani 1st
Shot Put
James Armani 1st
Luca Gerada 1st U18 PB
Chloe Grixti 2nd U18 PB
3k Guest Run
Isaac Luca Scicluna National Best U16